Introducing Omega Seamaster Replica's 1,858 new products for 2020

Omega Seamaster Replica

In 1997, when Omega Seamaster Replica then CEO Norbert Platt decided to expand the brand's horizons beyond fountain pen craftsmanship and small leather goods, some people wondered whether this was a necessary move. After all, the company is the undisputed leader in the corporate writing sector.

Pratt may have sensed that the world was changing, far more than most of us expected in 1997. As a result, he developed a plan for diversification, a plan that paid off in unexpected ways. Mr. Pratt brought in Thierry Pellaton, a fourth-generation watchmaker with an illustrious family history in the watch industry, to rapidly develop Omega Seamaster Replica's watchmaking capabilities.

Twenty-three years later, Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica ability to define its watchmaking story has always depended on the ingenuity of Pellaton and others who came after him, as well as the vision of leaders such as Lutz Bethge and Jérôme Lambert (now CEO of Richemont), and its current CEO and general manager of watches,Patek Philippe Replica Nicolas Barretzky and Davide Serrato.

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